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Many have asked me over the years about personal prophecies they have received.   Things like, “I received a prophecy two years ago and it has not come to pass, can you tell me why?”  I have always told them you have a part to play in the fulfillment of that prophecy.  A great woman of God said this concerning prophecies.   I hope it helps those who read the following.

When God speaks to us by the Spirit of prophecy, as we take hold of it by faith in our hearts and in our prayers, it releases the work of the Lord in the atmosphere, around us, into ourselves and others concerning the things God desires to accomplish.  Some things happen quickly, while we must stand and persevere for others.

God has a calendar.  He may speak a thing prophetically, as in the Garden of Eden when He spoke that the seed of the woman would break the power of the devil.  It took approximately 4,000 years for that prophecy to be fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  In that, we learn that the longer it takes for a prophecy to be fulfilled, the greater the work of that prophecy.

The timing of the Lord is so important, which is related to the “suddenly’s” of God, where by faith it is, yet it has not been (manifested), but “suddenly” God touches that which has been prepared through faith, prayer, and subsequent action, and it “suddenly” is!”

So be encouraged.  Take hold of the prophecies in this section and those given specially to you and know the Lord will prevail as we stand.

Reverend Betty Ann McMillen

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