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Dear Rev. Betty,

I just wanted to share with you what the Fire & Glory Women’s Conference meant to me.  When I booked the conference I had a knowing that I was locking in my deliverances through the registration fee.  I believe it is like seed time and harvest.  You sow the seed ahead of time and that allows time for the seed to develop for the perfect appointed time.   Once I arrived at the conference the Holy Spirit said “You have locked your seed in place for you and for the conference”.  You see on the conference side God knows what will be delivered and received from those that attend.  By locking in the registration fee it allows those ministering to see that the faithful are coming and to be prepared for the harvest.  It is like building faith upon faith.  I locked in the seed on my side and the seed was received, prepared and locked in on the conference side as well.  That is what the Holy Spirit meant when he said Lock it in on both ends!  Hallelujah! 

 I did not know exactly what I would be delivered from, but the Holy Spirit told me that I would be delivered by locking in my seed.  The conference was amazing, and I received deliverance in unforgiveness against the man that abused me as a child.  I was only 6 years old when this started happening to me so I hung on to this for several years and pushed it very far down in my soul.  I didn’t want anyone to know about it.  It always gave me a sense of unworthiness and fear.  I thought I had dealt with this sufficiently as I grew and learned about forgiveness during the years I have been walking with the Lord.   I had told myself I had forgiven him about 6 or 7 years ago.  In the past, I had spoken the words that I have forgiven him but in the conference it reared its ugly head and I knew why I was there.  I had to face this darkness head on.   I had to be delivered of this so I can move forward in the good things God has set forth for me and my family so I can receive the fullness of the past, present and future that Rev. Betty spoke of a several weeks ago.  

This man came to me a couple of years ago and asked me to forgive him.  All I said was, I was glad to hear him say that, and then I went home and cried and soaked in my own self pity.  This man is a cousin of mine so I know his life pretty well.  I know he leads a pretty rough life; things do not come easy for him.  I would catch myself inwardly enjoying his struggles at times.  Thinking he does not deserve a good life and I am glad he is suffering for what he did to me.  I have repented for feeling that way.  God wants me to find him and pray with him and tell him that I love him, God loves him and that I truly have I forgive him.  I really do forgive him now and feel very sorry for feeling this way all these years.  Unforgiveness is a trap of the devil that will rob you of your blessings that God has set forth for you.  I believe he will be delivered from many things when I go pray for him, not because of me but because of God’s unfailing Love and delivering power!  I don’t think I have ever understood true forgiveness until now thanks to Betty and all the ministers at the conference following the Holy Spirit. 

In our lives it seems we put things so far down and bury them so deep you semi-forget that they are there.   The world teaches you if you do not think about it, it will just go away.  In reality, we just get better at burying and pushing those things down and covering them up.  I have realized that when you try to burry a problem you are being robbed from your blessing and the delivering power of God.

I received from all three ministers and I am very thankful for them.  I know that God is working in their lives and lifting them up.  I am so thankful that they are obedient to the Holy Ghost!  I love them all and hope to see them again.   V. B., —Morehead, KY

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