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  • Testimonies

    Dear Rev. Betty, I just wanted to share with you what the Fire & Glory Women’s Conference meant to me.  When I booked the conference I had a knowing that I was locking in my deliverances through the registration fee.  I believe it is like seed time and harvest.  You sow the seed ahead of […]

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  • Tornado Warnings Sound

    Natalie, Stephen’s mom gives a testimony about her nine year old son, Stephen Thomas. I called the school to let them know I would be there to pick up my children today, and my daughter’s teacher wanted to talk to me about Steven Thomas, my son. I thought he was in trouble. But, then she […]

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  • Healings in Germany

    The anointing and the presence of the Holy Spirit was in every service and for many it was their first time to step into the river of joy and experience greater liberty in the Spirit. In the last meeting when you ministered in song, one woman’s ear was instantly healed. Also, during this meeting hands […]

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  • Miracle in Cairo, Egypt

    While ministering in Cairo, at the close of a service, a mother brought her little four year old girl to me. Through my interpreter, I asked what she wanted prayer for. As I looked at the little girl, her eyes were completely crossed. That night, I laid my hands on her and in the name […]

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  • Man Gets Job With Increased Income

    I had been without a job for five months. During your recent Fire & Glory conference, when it came time for offerings, I sowed a money-seed with purpose and less than two weeks later I walked into a job that will triple my income in 2007. D.I. – Kentucky USA

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  • China Missions Support

    Thanks so much for your support during this past year. I continue to get the Word out at every opportunity – wish I could be around you to get some of your special prophetic words for me! They always come true! A.A, – China

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