Rivers of Life Teaching Center

S.O.M.E. School of Miracle Evangelism


The S.O.M.E. School of Miracle Evangelism is a school specifically designed for you. Where we—equip you & mobilize you—to rely on the presence of God and the Holy Spirit to accomplish the purpose and plan He has for your life.  I believe God is calling leaders, “Pioneers” to give birth to the things that come right from the heart of God.  Is that you?

Is He calling you out, but you just don’t know how to step out? The School of Miracle Evangelism is a great place for you to start.

How would you like to be apart of a new generation of leaders by preparing yourself for the ministry assignment God has placed over your life?  There is no greater gift you can give yourself than taking time out of your regularly scheduled program, to walk in the ministry God has called you to fulfill in the earth.


The School of Miracle Evangelism offers both one year and two year programs.

Year One:

Emphasis on discovering who we are in Christ; our position of authority in Him; the Holy Spirit and His gifts.

Year Two:

Discovering how to live in the Kingdom of God here on earth; As His ministers, being equipped to do that work; and accepting the five fold ministry gifts into our lives.


First Year Curriculum

1st Term:

Authority of Believer

2nd Term:

Spirit, Soul, Body

3rd Term:

Holy Spirit – Who is He?
Gifts of Holy Spirit

4th Term:

Identification in Christ
Blood Covenant

5th Term:

Revelation of God’s Word
Call & Separation

Second Year Curriculum

1st Term

Christ the Healer
Spirit of Faith

2nd Term

Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship
Working with Angels

3rd Term

How to Be Led by the Spirit of God
Supernatural Debt Cancellation

4th Term

Wealth–the Richness of God
The Minister’s Family

5th Term

Preparation for Ministry
The Ministry Gifts

Note: Students will be required to serve in the Helps Ministry during the year in some capacity at every event the School of Miracle Evangelism, or Reverend Betty Ann Lampkin-McMillen does during the school year.